In this rapidly growing digital age, tech entrepreneurs of today’s era are bringing innovative ideas by utilizing different techniques along with presenting solutions to various overlooked problems.

The services of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are not hidden from anyone and their accomplishments have undoubtedly become a part of our lives now. In this article, we have talked about few other talented personalities in the tech world that you should know.

1)    Elon Musk:

Elon Musk is a worth-mentioning South African Tech Entrepreneur. His contributions are famous in the field of transportation along with various internet companies. Elon Musk was the founder of Tesla Motors, which is renowned for inventing the first electric sports car. Along with that, he is the CEO and CTO of a Civilian Space Transport Company known as SpaceX.

In addition, his name is also famous for being the co-founder of PayPal, which is used around the globe today.

2)    Drew Houston:

An internet entrepreneur who co-founded Dropbox which now has over 175 million users. The estimated value of Dropbox is now 4 billion dollars, with Drew Houston having self-worth of 400 million dollars. Moreover, Dropbox is still working on bringing future innovations in cloud computations.

3)    Brian Acton

Brian Acton is another top American Tech entrepreneur, a computer programmer, plus a co-founder of WhatsApp. He also worked with different well-known companies including Adobe, Apple, and Yahoo.

4)    Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey was the co-founder of Twitter, which has over 300 million active users nowadays. Many businesses utilize this social media platform to connect with their desired customers. He has recently started working on ‘Square’ that has an average value of $3.25 Million. Square is a business payments company that makes the payment process simplified and less complicated.

5)    Alice Bentinck

Tech entrepreneurs are many. But the ones whose work helped thousands of people in changing their lives, should not be forgotten. Out of those entrepreneurs, Alice Bentinck is one of them. She is recognized as a co-founder and investor of Code First and Entrepreneur First. It gave ample opportunities to ambitious people to start their tech businesses from scratch.

Consequently, the success of Entrepreneur first persuaded Alice to start a not-for-profit Organization Code First Girls that worked on teaching above 20,000 women how to code for free. It aims in providing skills and inspiration to women for becoming tech inventors at no cost.

6)    Reed Hastings

If you are a Netflix user, you should know about Reed Hastings. A tech entrepreneur, who entertained the world through the invention of Netflix. He is famous as the CEO and co-founder of Netflix. Now, Netflix has 183 million users worldwide.

7)    Jack Ma

One of the world’s largest e-commerce corporations, named Alibaba Group was co-founded by Jack Ma. He is one of the top tech entrepreneurs, and also famous as the former Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.

8)    Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, which has become the world’s famous online shopping mall is worth mentioning in the list.

In 1990, this guy started his journey by selling books online, and now millions of people from all over the world use Amazon daily to buy their groceries, household items to any other product.

9)    Lauren Washington

Tech has indeed changed our lives completely by bringing a lot of convenience and ease for us, but at the same time, it creates problems such as security issues. Lauren Washington was a successful entrepreneur who brought tech solutions to people. She founded an App called KeepUp which lets you control when to get social media updates, people who you follow, and events you want to see.

Not just this, she presented a solution for Black Women who face challenges in the tech industry. She co-founded Black Women Talk Tech. It gave Black women’s the empowerment and courage for becoming successful tech entrepreneurs without facing the problems they fear suffering. With that, it provides Black Women’s the opportunity to broaden their network with other tech founders.

Now the network has over 500 founders. Moreover, it extends to New York, Atlanta, Georgia, and San Francisco.

10) Muhammed Usman

It is not necessary to be famous in the eyes of the world to be called a top entrepreneur. Mohammad Usman brought excitement along with learning opportunities through games in the life of special children. He was the co-founder of WonderTree which revolves around improving cognitive and physical therapy of special kids through joy and fun. The unique part of this system is that you can evaluate the progress level of kids.

Mohammad Usman’s elder sibling had special needs which led him to establish WonderTree, which benefited a lot of other kids too.


This list still does not end the rising talents of the world. Many tech entrepreneurs worldwide have utilized their efforts and talents to bring new and innovative ideas that are benefiting people from the past years.