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Top 10 Best Android Games To Play In 2020

   There are many games which are available on the smartphones platforms. Mobile gaming has become very popular in the recent years. New smartphones games have a very impressive graphics and a very addictive gameplays. In this list of best smartphone games, you’ll find the Top 10 best smartphones games available on android and IOS devices. Now let’s have a look at best android games to play in 2020.

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1.PUBG Mobile

2.Call Of Duty Mobile

3. Genshin Impact

4. GRID Autosports

5. Gris

6. Legends of Runeterra

7. Monument Valley 1 and 2

8. Minecraft

9. Levelhead

10. Pokemon GO

PUBG Mobile

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND is available on the mobile with comfort of playing it on the go. It has different modes which makes it an immersive and most addictive game. It’s Battle Royale is the most famous gaming mode in which is a 100-Players gaming mode. Land on different maps like Erangle, Sanhok, Vikendi, Miramar and gear up as soon as possible to compete with other opponents. The last one standing wins. You can also select different categories of game play like solo, duo and squad. It has Team Death Match mode, Zombies mode, Payload mode and much more to make you experience a whole new gaming environment.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The most famous and most played PC game Call Of Duty is now available on your smartphones, It has a very unique gameplay with a Battle Royale Mode and Arcade modes which has Team Death Match, All weapons Mode and many more. Players have to make their own strategies to make their way to the victory. It came out on mobile devices in Oct 2019 and quickly became the most fastest game to get downloaded with more than 100 millions download in just one month. It is also one of the best grossing games of 2020.  

  Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an adventure game with an immersive experience and a journey through a different universe. Its begins with a player finding himself and sibling in different universe, in which they are isolated by obscure god. The journey begins along the paths of Teyvat to look for the answers from the Seven- lords of every element. On their way the players have to solve different puzzle that Teyvat holds.


GRID is one of the most popular car racing games which was available on the PC but now it has launched its mobile version of the famous GRID AUTOSPORTS. It has a thrilling adventure and a very competitive gameplay environment. Has a variety of Huge loads of tracks, streets, laps and circles. Player get a very addictive and immersive experience on their mobile devices.


Story of a girl named gris The girl finds herself in the palm of a women’s statue, she tries to sing but chokes and drops on the colorful ground. She sees different lights which she can collect to gain different powers and make her way to the destination. It follows the journey of gris. Gris is multi platform game which first came on MS Windows, macOS and Nintendo switch and later launched on PS4 and now it is available on the Smartphones. Developed by Nomada Studios.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra was released April 29, 2020 on MS Windows, IOS and Android. Developed by Riot Games. It is a 1v1 card game in which each player gets four cards out of a card deck. The player with the best strategy, skill and creativity gets the success. Choose between the number of champions, each with their own style and then build the perfect deck to become winner.

 Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monuments valley games have a very amazing gameplay. It is a puzzle game in which the players have to find ways in each level to the finish point. It follows a very appealing geometrical environment. Build the way and reach to the end. Created by Ustwo Games, it gains the popularity in a short period of time because of its unique gameplay environment.


One of the most famous PC platform game Minecraft is now available on the android and IOS platform. Gain, Build and Create you’re your own world with the same strategy as on the PC but with a portable experience, you can play it anywhere anytime. Minecraft is no doubt one of the most popular game because of its unique gameplay.


Levelhead is a 2D platform maker game in which the players build platforms, play and compete. Developed by Butterscotch Shenanigans, the publishers of the famous game Crashlands. Build the incredible machines and compete in different levels with the brain using puzzles or just create music for the levelheads to chill with. Share your stats with the world. You can also play in the levels created by your friends

Pokemon Go

Inspired by the famous cartoon series Pokemon, Pokemon Go has a very unique gameplay experience. Developed by the collaboration of Niantic, Nintendo and the Pokemon Go company. It uses the mobile devices GPS. The players have to catch the pokemon by going to different places physically to gain points, create and train them and have to find them anywhere. Scan real world areas and find your pokemon to make a collection of your own pokemon.

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