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5 Ways to Earn Money From Gaming

Earn money from Video Games? Looks confusing right. Yes you might be wondering how we can make money from games. There are some people who make six figures income per year just because of gaming. So how to find those ways and to start income from games. In this article i am going to explore those methods and ways how you can earn money from games. There are people who just play games and make money they don’t work. If you have passion for gaming and want to turn passion into profession keep reading the article. If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. Without delaying further now let me reveal those ways.

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Compete in Tournaments

If you are a crazy game lover, and spend your hours in playing games you can make money. Simply you just have to participate in tournaments and win some Challenges. There are different gaming competitions happen around the world. Game participate and showcase their talents.

,Timothy Miller (aka “Bizzle”), earns around $322k per year taking part in Fortnite tournaments. In order to compete with other competitors you must be very talented and skillful in gaming .

Open A YouTube Channel

Another way of earning from video games is to start a Youtube Channel. You can recommend top games, trending game, new games, Games with most player count and other gaming stuff. Some YouTubers even make 5 and six figures every year. They just present interesting and amazing gaming videos, live streams, and they recommend games. In this how you can grow the audience , publish unique, and interesting content and your channel is going to be appear in Search Engines. After you have subscribers and Watch hour you can monetize your YouTube Channel and you can start earning Money.

Google Admob

Google admob is another platform by Google where we can make money from Gaming. Google Admob is program by Google where App Developers publish their app and while user see ads playing the game and also to get more features from Google Ads. Games like BasketBall Star, 8 Ball Pool and other popular games earn thousands bucks from Mobile games. You just need a Game which high active user when they will see and click on Ads you will get paid.

Become Game Develope

Game developers also earn decent money. Game developers at EA make 83K$ per year. It is stressful job and you will have to code for long hour. You will have to sacrifice with sleep sometime, and holidays. The write thousand lines of code and after coding there is testing and other process as well. So its not easy process but if you really have a passion for Game Development go ahead and put work on it.

Start Streaming On Twich

Twich is another platform where you can make money. Twich world’s leading and most popular live streaming platform for gamers and they watch their favorite player play. You can be a partner of Twich and start making Money. There are people who just stream the games ,ads and they earn like thousand dollars every year. If you want to know more detail and how it works please Visit Twitch.

So guys i hope you find this article interesting and informative. Checkout my other articles about gaming as well. If you liked this article give it a thump and you can share with friends. If you want to say something about article let us know in the comment section below. Thanks

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