Are you looking to make money online from home? Or do you want to work as a part time. You are landed on the right article. Making money online or at home is super easy now. If you have some skills, you can easily get the clients from around the world on Freelancing platform. All you need to have is dedication, commitment and understanding of these websites. In this article I am going to tell you what the top 5 Freelancing platform are where you can showcase your skills and make home-based income. Without further delay let me get into the topic.


Fiverr is ranked as no 1 Freelancing platform for Freelancers and clients. It is a platform which is user friendly and mostly recommended for beginners. You can easily get the short projects like Photo editing, logo design, website design and list go on. You can check all these details on their official website Fiverr as well. Fiverr is free to use, and you don’t have to pay monthly subscription. Although Fiverr takes it services fees from Freelancers and client which is 20% for the Freelancers. So, I would highly recommend Fiverr if you are a beginner. Just make a gig and start earning today!


Upwork is my favorite platform. I am an Upwork Freelancer, and you can also offer your services on Upwork. Upwork is more suitable for professionals and experts. Upwork takes monthly subscription fees as well but that is not mandatory. Also, if you want to send proposals you will have to buy connects. Connects are not free and you need to buy connects in order to send proposals. Upwork is recommended for Experienced Freelancers because you usually get long terms projects. You can charge per hour or at fixed price to your client.

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Freelancer is also a top Freelancer platform for beginners. It is also Free to use but you can take monthly subscription as well for premium services. You can get short- and long-term project as well. Freelancer is easy to use platform where you can easily make the profile and showcase the services that you can offer. Once the client posted the project and then you bid on the project and client chooses any of them. Freelancer also takes 20% tax from Freelancers from their earnings as service fees. You can check everything on their official website as well. is easy to use flexible and old Freelancing platform. The reason why I like is easy to use and they take only 10% Fee from the Freelancers. is not overcrowded like Fiverr and Upwork. I have had experience with and I like everything. They provide convenience to the Freelancer and client as well. You can offer hourly and fixed price method as well based on your convenience. is old of the old website for Freelancers and still they have Freelancers since 1999.


PeoplePerHour is also one the top ranked Freelancing platform. They do not allow everyone because first they review the applicant and then they approve the profile. PeoplePerHour is flexible, easy to use, professional and user-friendly platform. They also take 20% tax from Freelancers. You can offer fixed price and per hour services as well. You can check the further detail on their official website as well.

So, these are the top Freelancing platform that you can use to earn part time money as a Freelancer. You can also use these platforms to get any service if you need. Also, if you are not sure about something you can watch the video about that on YouTube as well. Even there are some courses available as well. I hope you got what I wrote. Do share with friends if it was helpful. Stay tuned for more articles.


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