Getting hire on Upwork is not an easy process for new Freelancers. It takes time, dedication and investment. Upwork is different from other Freelancing platforms. In order to get the job, you first submit the proposal and then client selects any candidate from them. But the point here is How to write a job winning Proposal on Upwork hired? So don’t worry. I have got your back. In this article I am going to explain how you can easily write a Killer proposal that will get the client attention, help you call for interview and get hired. Stay tuned and read the complete article.

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Read Client Job Description

First of all, please make sure to read the complete job description given by the client. It is important part of getting hired. If you will not understand what client is asking for how are you going to manage this. So don’t make a mistake and there is no need to rush. Take your time and ready it carefully think about it. If you think you have the ability you can do it easily submit the proposal. The next step is writing a proposal.

Start with Greeting

After reading the client job description its time to kick off your writing journey. In business communication we always start the proposal with the Greeting.

Start with:

Hello Sir/ Ma’am

Hello Respected Client

Good Day, Sir/ Ma’am!

I hope you are doing well, or I hope you are good.

Introduce Yourself

After greeting it’s better to introduce yourself in just two lines. Mention your name experience, and your skills related to that job. Also let the client know that you are only one perfect for this, and you are excited to work on this project. If the client asks you for past work send them.

Make it short and Precise.

You don’t need to write a long story. You are supposed to write everything in just one page. Be precise and stick to the topic. Many freelancers write too long proposal, and they get rejected because no one has the time to read the long stories. You need to make sure you are summarizing your points in one page so client can easily understand what you are trying to say.

Describe your plan

Client takes more interest in your plan. Client wants to know you are going to execute this and how much time and cost it will take. So be honest and don’t mention anything that can make trouble for you in the future. Writing everything clearly so one can easily understand your plan.  This will make it easy for client to hire the best candidate.

Mention time and Budget

It’s a god practice to mention the timeline and price of total cost on the project. If the project is long terms let the client know the possible timeframe for this project. Writing this in your proposal will put a good impression and will increases the chances of hiring.

Once you have done all this make sure to tell the client that you are looking forward to work on this project. And tell the client that you are available for this job and you can start the work. In this way client will likely interview your first because of your availability.

Here is the sample of Upwork Proposal:

4 Proven Upwork Cover Letters (Save Time, Win More Jobs)


I hope my points and writing will help you get more job and projects in your Freelancing journey. You can read other blogs and watch Videos as well. Following these practices can help you get more and more job. Let me know if you have any question in comment section.


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