After COVID-19 the door of opportunities have been opened for many business Geeks. Many of them have started Freelancing as a part time earning and many of time have started investing on Flippa. Flippa is marketplace where you can buy and sell established websites, domains, and mobile applications. You can grow easily your business on Flippa if you know the website business and other like domain and application. I am doing this for a year, and I have a great experience. Flippa is trusted platform, and you can easily do dealing there. With that said, lets start how to start and grow your journey on Flippa.

How to Start?

First of all, if you want to start a business either you are going to buy a website or sell a website. But this article will cover most for sellers who wants to sell the website. So in order to sell a website your website should be live and also it should be a source of earning by any method. It can be a eCommerce website, AdSense approved website, Amazon affiliate, drop shipping, or any kind of website which is generating revenue. If you are worried that your website is not earning much but you can still sell on Flippa as Startup and it will be sold after some time. To sell on Flippa you just need to sign up and then list the website for auction. Flippa will charge 15$ at least for listing for 14 days.

You can also sell the domain on Flippa if your domain is old or it is valuable domain like abc.com, Ronaldo.com or any celebrity domain name. To sell on Flippa, you will have to make account and list on marketplace. Flippa will charge minimum of 10$ for listing for 14 days.

Mobile application can also be listed for selling. You can sell established or startup App on Flippa, and Flippa will take minimum of 15$ for listing.

That is all about how you can sell and if you need further guidelines, please visit Officail website and everything is explained there.

You can also contact their support if you have any questions.

How to Grow?

Understand How Flippa Works:

First, you should know how Flippa works. You should calculate the Flippa listing fees, escrow commission fee and other expenses. Because Flippa takes charges for listing and once you sell the website, they take commission as well. Also, you should know the buyer or seller profile and feedback.

Develop More websites and Applications.

Try to develop as much as websites as you can and also try to rank them or find a source of generating from the website. If your website is generating revenue, it will be easily sold. Many sellers do the same and they grow their business. So I’ll advice the same for you.

Buy and Sell it Again

Another way to scale-up on your business is buying the website, invest on the website and sell it again. If you have to tactics to improve ranking of website and getting more traffic and generating more revenue then you can do this to easily grow your business. Buy a website hold it for 3 or 4 months and sell it again. This is a recommended method to continue and flourishing your business on this marketplace.


There are other websites as well where you can easily start the business but Flippa is more trusted and reliable platform. Everything is clear their and also Flippa has Escrow where buyer and seller can easily transfer the money and the website. I hope this covers the essential information that you need about Flippa. Let me know if you are still not sure about something.


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