Fiverr buyer request

Do you want to know how to write an effective buyer request that will stand out? You are at the right place. Fiverr buyer request allows you to send a proposal when some buyer posts the project on the Fiverr. Then you bid on that project and the buyer can choose any of them based on his choice. But sending effective buyer requests is essential otherwise there are rare chances that you will get hired. In this article, I am going to cover how you can send killer buyer requests on Fiverr that will help you get your 1st or any order. I will also explain the common mistakes that the seller does while sending the buyer request.

How to send effective buyer request:

There are 5 steps to send effective buyer request:

  1. Read the Project Carefully
  2. Write unique and original Proposal
  3. Be Clear and Concise
  4. Mention Time and Budget
  5. Avoid Templates

Read the Project Carefully

Understanding what the buyer wants from you is crucial. If you don’t know what the buyer is asking for, then you are wasting your time. Only bid to those jobs if you are 100% sure about that. Read it carefully, make sure you understand each and everything that is asked by the buyer. Once you are clear send the request.

Write Unique and Original Proposal

Don’t copy someone else’s proposal. You are a professional freelancer and you are supposed to write everything on your own. Write original and unique proposal that stands out. Let the buyer know that you are the one that is perfect candidate for this job. Many sellers use pre made templates and they just waste their time and energy.

Be clear and Concise

Let the client how you are going to execute this job. State your plan.  In business communication, clarity and conciseness matters a lot. If you are not clear about what you are writing don’t send the proposal. It will make trouble for you while working with the client. Don’t write too long paragraphs, buyer doesn’t have time to read your long stories. Just write a short, summarized and effective proposal.

Mention Time and Budget

It’s important to mention timeframe and budget of the complete project. Try to finish the job before the due date. Clients like on time deliveries. Also don’t offer price greater than posted by the client. Once you have gotten the requirements start the work and delivery quality work.

Avoid Templates

Templates are pre-written buyer request. Man sellers send templates and in return they never get the order. Because every client has different requirements and how you can send the same proposal to everyone. My advice to you never ever send the templates. Write your own buyer request and you are likely to get hired by the client.

Now we have understood that how to write effective buyer request.

Let us now have a look at most common mistakes that seller does while sending buyer request.

  • Sending templates instead of writing their own proposal
  • Offering too much price
  • Grammatical mistakes in the proposal
  • Not clearly written
  • Writing too short a proposal
  • Missing plan of executing the job


I have clearly written the mistakes as well as how to write effective buyer requests on Fiverr. I hope you found this article helpful and informative. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me.


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